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Founded 1953

On 6 November 1952, a letter was sent to the Captains of Golf Clubs within the County of Gloucestershire, and forwarded to the Gloucestershire Golf Union stating that a proposal had been put forward to form a Gloucestershire Golf Captains Society consisting of past and present Captains of all Golf Clubs within the County, which also included past and present Captains of the Union.

The response to that letter was very encouraging with about 70 gentlemen stating they would be interested. A meeting was therefore called on 21 January 1953 in Bristol.

Twenty two past and present Captains attended. The weather was too inclement to get a good representation from the clubs in the North of the County, so it was decided to adjourn and call another meeting in Bristol on 6 March 1953.

The weather was again an issue and fog prevented any representation from the Northern Clubs. A further meeting was therefore held at Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club on 19 May 1953. Although the attendance was not great it did consist of representation from a majority of clubs. A resolution that the GGC Association be formed was unanimously agreed.

The question of admitting Honoury Members to the GGC was discussed and the decision recorded in the Rules.

Mr. G D Wansbrough agreed to draw up the GGC`s rules.

The following officers were duly elected.

President:             Sir Percy Lister     (Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club)

Vice President:     Mr.J.H .Bennett     (Long Ashton)

Vice President:     Mr A.L.Morris        (Cotswold Hills)

Captain for 1953: Mr.W.H.Payne       (Knowle)

Hon. Secretary:    Mr R.W.West         (Knowle)

Hon Treasurer:     Mr C.H.G.Thomas (Henbury)                                                            Lloyds Bank Ltd. Redland Bristol

At each of the above mentioned meetings the chair was taken by Mr. W H Payne.

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