G.G.C. v Worcestershire at Gaudet Luce GC on Tuesday 13th September 2022.

Gaudet Luce Golf Club was the venue for this year’s tussle against Worcestershire Golf Captains.

It's been over 20 years since I played at the course and to say it has changed is an understatement, when I last visited here there were very few trees, now they have matured and have really become a menace as I seemed to find them very easily.

The course was in fine condition with excellent greens and semi rough that also caused problems.

Worcestershire Captain Alex declared he did not wish to go off first so we went towards the back of the field.

Game 1 was the Sodbury pairing of Secretary Jim with Ross Antonczyk (I can now pronounce it) taking on Jim and Peter from Worcestershire; a tight game ensued until Rob and Dave surged ahead to win 3&2. (1 down)


Game 2 paired Bricky with Henbury Nick & John with quite a few shots being given it isn’t surprising the outcome was a loss for us as they went down 2&1 to Pete and Martin. (2 down)


Game 3 Match manager Clive and his faithful and ever present partner John brought back some sense of normality by winning a very tight game 1 up against Kevin and Stef. (1 down)


Game 4 Cirencester 2022 Captain Mark and the Welsh wizard from St Mellons Brian triumphed over the Worcester pair of Bill and Garman 1up. (all square)


Game 5 Gloucester stalwarts of President John and Don were not very gentlemanly as they took  John and Chris from Worcester to the cleaners 4&2 ( 1 up).


Game 6 Lilly Brook’s Chris and Cotswold Edge John increased the lead by having a fine win over Rob and Dave 3&2 (2 up)


Game 7 saw Myself and Ian W get an absolute stuffing from Worcestershire Captain Alex and his partner Derek as we went down 5&4 (1 up)


Game 8 As usual we were waiting on the result of this game to see if we could notch up another team win and we weren’t disappointed. Bricky pair of 2022 Captain Adrian and Keith halved their match with Dave and Brian from Worcestershire giving the Gloucestershire Gladiators another winning score of 4½ to 3½, also another trophy.


After the usual drinks and banter, we all sat down to a delicious chicken dinner followed by apple pie and custard; a fitting end to a great day.


Our thanks to Worcestershire for a very good day.

Captain Dereck

Captains Alex & Dereck
Captains Alex & Dereck
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