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G.G.C. v Wiltshire Captains at Forest Hills G.C. on Thursday 12th August 2021

Result – Match halved


Sixteen of our number met up at a very busy Forest Hills Golf Club on a warm but overcast morning, which later turned quite pleasant in the afternoon despite the threat of rain at one time.


The course, was in excellent condition. The bar and restaurant areas refurbished by the new owner and much building work going on outside. The future looks bright for this lovely “forest” course.

Our visitors arrived one short having received an extremely late cry off. Despite the best efforts of Dereck Buttler and John Humphries we were unable to drum up a replacement to help them out, so the last match had to go out as a three ball.

Despite some creditable performances we only managed a HALF on a “home” course.


Apparently we were defending a trophy won by us in 2019 at Chipping Sodbury but we had never received it. The Crib Board Trophy had been lost over the years. All we need to do now is find the trophy and add a new ball marker to it!

I played with John Humphries, this year’s Captain at Forest Hills, who is very good company. We played against Frank Ham, Captain of Wiltshire, from Tidworth Garrison, for obvious reasons having spent 35 years serving in The Irish Rifles and SAS and reaching a very high rank, as he continuously told us. Luckily John is ex services and fielded most of the flak. Frank also told us about being an International Hockey & Tennis Player for Ireland. It showed in his golf which was very impressive for a 75 year old off 12, having been as low as 5! His partner Bill Lawrence from North Wilts claimed to be off 20 but played considerably better achieving some outstanding pars. Needless to say we lost 4&2.

President Ian Smith & Tony Gough and Vice-Captain Dereck Buttler with Match Manager Clive Fluck both lost their matches 3&2. Brendan Nunan & Pat White lost 2 down.

For once (luckily) our back loading paid off with some resounding victories. John Christie & Sean Dunne won their match 5&4, Derek Newton & Brian Snook won 6&4, Clive Reynolds & Rob Payne won 6&5, so did Neil Pirie and Barry Klein playing in his first match.

We were well looked after by the catering & bar staff with good service and excellent food. I asked John to thank the management and members for facilitating our event.


Sam Collins.

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