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G.G.C. v Gloucestershire Ladies Captains at Puckrup Hall G&CC on Tuesday 31st August 2021

Result – Win 5 - 3

We all arrived at Puckrup HG&CC for coffee followed by the announcement of the pairings. There were quite a few sharp intakes of breath with the number of shots that had to be given, but hey ho such is life.

The course was very dry and the ball ran forever but it was in nice condition and the greens, although a little slow, putted very well. Our thanks must go to the green staff for that.

My partner John Morris and I were paired with the Ladies Captain Jan and her partner Jose. We had a very pleasant game with much banter and the holes being won and lost evenly until we both had about five foot putts on the last. As it had been a good match I offered the half which was accepted.

The President who was following us had a more difficult task with the ladies chipping in from 20 yards to win the 17th hole and go one up which secured the ladies only win.

The noise and banter during the excellent dinner proved that a good day was had by all. I kept up Sam’s repartee by naming the sides Glorious Gloucester playing Gorgeous Gloucestershire Ladies.

The overall result was a 5-3 win for the gentlemen.

Thanks to all our team for making it a good day and special thanks to the ladies. We will look forward to renewing our battle next year at Knowle GC.

My personal thanks must go to match manager John Cumming for arranging everything and a last minute replacement Paul Crooks from Brickhampton.

Dereck Buttler

GGC Vice Captain

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