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Four Counties Tournament  -  Thursday 13 July 2017  -  East Berks Golf Club
This match was held on the East Berkshire golf course near Reading.  The game comprised teams of 12 players from each of the four counties of Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.  The winner being the county with the best aggregate score from five of the six pairs.
This year Gloucestershire came third ...
The Gloucestershire team's scores ...
203 Buckinghamshire
201 Berkshire
198 Gloucestershire
196 Oxfordshire
41  Ian Watkins & Dereck Buttler
41  Geoff Lowe & Sam Collins
40  Eric Millard & Mike Slatter
40  Tony Davis & Ken Rawcliffe
36  Tony Gough & Bill Hill
36  Jim Ford & Trevor Stewart
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