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Gloucestershire Golf Captains vs Warwickshire Golf Captains Weds 26th  June 2019.

The match against Warwickshire saw us travel to Ladbrook Park Golf Club in Solihull. Once again the weather in the days leading up to this fixture had not been kind and the course had flooded badly in the days prior to our arrival. On the day itself the rain had abated and the course was fully open.

Following a spot of Brunch and after a team rallying speech from Rick Waddington the Warwickshire Captain battle commenced at 1-30pm.

My Partner and I had a great afternoon with Captain Rick and the President of Ladbrook Park Graham. Our game was played with humour and much merriment whilst upholding the finest traditions of golf !! 4 Down at one point we made a spirited fightback but falling on our swords to lose 2 &1.

The course was in excellent condition despite the rainfall issues of the previous days. Should anyone get the chance to visit the course don’t pass it by, it truly is a lovely course lovingly maintained and a credit to the greens staff.

Following the golf we were royally entertained by our hosts with a dinner of Salmon en croûte followed by Eton Mess.

Our thanks were expressed to our hosts for their hospitality and to the staff at Ladbrook Park for ensuring we had a fantastic day.

In terms of the result local knowledge ruled as the Warwickshire Team heeded the rallying cry of Captain Rick to emerge victorious winners by  6pts to 2.

Many thanks to all those that played, and to our Match Manager Clive Fluck for sorting this fixture.

Best Regards

Paul Drinkwater.

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