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Competition Winners at Carlyon 2014


There were quite a few Captains who arrived on Wednesday October 8.

Those Captains got quite a shock the weather was great, yes there was quite a wind, yes it was not very warm, although the sun shone but it was dry.



Casual golf on the Thursday was very popular with those tuning their golf swings,

Friday 10th.October.

The Greensomes/Foursomes Stableford, being the first of our Weekend Competitions.

The entry was quite good.

Winning this Competition was the Forest of Dean Pair of Doreen and Colin Wilson Scoring a very good 39 points especially against quite a strong wind although the weather holding up dry and some sunshine

Second was one of our 2014 Captains Joe Garry playing with wife Diana from Lansdown Golf Club

And scoring 37 points.

Third in this event was Jenny and Peter Bryer from Chipping Sodbury 33 points

1. Colin and Doreen Wilson=39 points

2. Joe and Diana Garry =37 points

3. Peter and Jenny Bryer=33points Winning on back 9.

Gloucestershire Golf Captains v Cornish Captains

This match took place at Carlyon Bay Golf Course this being our home course for the weekend.

The County Match Glos v Cornwall Capts always took place at Carlyon Bay, but 7 years ago this arrangement was changed we now have alternating home and away fixture in our respective Counties.

This year’s main fixture for the Glos/Cornish Trophy took place at Filton Golf Course on 27th.May

Naturally we won the trophy.

The County match in 2015 on Friday 9th.October will take place at the `Truro Golf Course`,




Margaret Roberts Trophy on Saturday 11th.October


Saturday another day the forecast was rain, Yes` it did rain for about 15 minutes and them Mr.Sun thought I will show my self.

This is the day the Ladies play for the Margaret Roberts Trophy.

They must be putting something in the drink at the `Forest Clubs `. Welcoming another new pair from

Forest Hills and winning this trophy with 35 points was Ann Powell from Forest Hills Golf Club, this being the first visit for Ann and Husband Alan.

Second that very good lady golfer from Lansdown playing of 12 handicap Millie Parker scoring

30 points and winning on the back 9 from another annual winner Barbra Mildren, fourth place was

Jenny Bryer with 28 points, both Barbra and Jenny play at Chipping Sodbury.

1 Ann Powell       35 points

2 Millie Parker     30 points (back 9=16)

3 Barbra Mildren 30 points (back 9=14)

4 Jenny Bryer      28 points (back 9=17)


Presidents Shield Gents 4.Ball Better Ball Stableford on Saturday11th.October                                                                                                                                     

This being the Men’s turn of trying to take something back to Gloucestershire.

The Presidents Shield, there being some very distinguished names on that shield and there are two more to be added.

Another first time visitor from the `Forest` Brian Trendell (Forest Hills) his partner Steven Taylor (Chipping Sodbury) scoring 40 points.

Scoring 39 points and finishing second with a better back nine was Colin Wilson (Forest of Dean) and our very own photographer Eric Millard (Kendleshire).

39 points seemed a very popular score third –fourth and fifth places all having 39 points the back nine holes played a big part in the placing.

Third place Michael Austin (Knowle) and Bob Crockford (Broadway)   

Fourth place Ian Cornwell (our match Secretary) playing with Peter Ball (Chipping Sodbury)

Fifth Place Geoff Lowe (Henbury) and Randolph Berry (Chipping Sodbury).

1. Brian Trendell and Steve Taylor=40 points            

2.  Colin Wilson and Eric Millard = 39 points (back 9 = 22)

3. Mike Austin and Bob Crockford = 39 Points (back 3 = 7)

4. Ian Cornwell and Peter Ball = 39 Points (back 3 = 6)


5. Geoff Lowe and Randolph Berry= 39 points (back 9 = 19)                           


Lady Lister Mixed Foursomes Stableford on Sunday 12th October

Sunday and being the last day of our Competitions the excitement growing the weather very good, no rain just sunshine what more did we want.

Just for a change it was won by Ian Watkins (Broadway) and Jackie Berry (Chipping Sodbury)

Ian must have won this event more times than any other Captain over the last few years.

Ian & Jackie scoring 34 points.

Second place Geoff Anderson (Filton) and Jan Hill (Knowle) scoring 33 points winning on the back 9

Third place was our `Gloucestershire County President Peter French` (Stinchcombe Hill Golf Club)

And Barbra Mildren (Chipping Sodbury) scoring 33poiints.

We were very pleased to have our County President Peter and his wife Olive visit Carlyon with us, Peter has been an ardent supporter of the Gloucestershire Golf Captains for many years.

Finishing in 4th.pace was our oldest Captain in membership years (not age) Jock Smith (Filton).

Jock was Captain of the Glos Golf Captains in 1984 President in 2000 and still playing good golf.

Jocks partner in the foursomes Competition was Sally Law (Lansdown) Sally had a shoulder injury earlier in the year and it was good she is back playing.

1. Ian Watkins and Jacky Berry=34 points

2. Geoff Anderson and Jan Hill = 33points (back 9 = 15)

3. Peter French and Barbra Mildren = 33 points (back 9 = 14)

4. Jock Smith and Sally Law = 32 points                                                                                                        

Secretaries Goblet and Singles Mens Stableford on Sunday 12th October

The Mens Competition a Singles Stableford coupled with a Hidden Partners Competitiion for the Secretaries Goblet

Winning the Singles Stableford was Michael Austin (Knowle) that long smooth swing he has paying off scoring 40 points

Second was a 2014. Captain from Lilleybrook Golf Club Eddie Robinson scoring 37 points

I am sure we will be seeing quite a bit of Eddie in future competitions.

Third place and surprising himself was `Me` (Tony Davis) I put this success down to the food, the drink and the company I was playing with and I did manage to get 35 points.

4th. and 5th. Places were Ken Rawcliffe (Lansdown) and Mervin Ellis (Glos) both scoring 33 points but Ken winning on the back 9.  Mervin’s wife Shirley had a fall on the Friday and after hospital treatment stayed until the Monday, let’s hopes if she attends next year she drinks something different (Joking) we wish her well.

1.  Michael Austin   40 points

2.  Eddie Robinson 37 points

3.  Tony Davis         35 points

4.  Ken Rawcliffe     33points B9 15

5.  Mervin Ellis         33 Points

Secretaries Goblet (Hidden Partners) Sunday 12th October

This event was for the best two aggregate scores who had not featured in the Singles Stableford prizes and to extend his success Steven Taylor (Chipping Sodbury) paired with Joe Garry (Lansdown) won with an aggregate score of 61 points

Second place was a new name on the sheet Stuart Revell (Cotswold Hills) this being the first visit for Stuart and his wife Sandy. Playing with Stuart was our Gloucestershire County Vice President who is also our Match Secretary Ian Cornwell (Lansdown), their score being 60 points.

1. Steve Taylor and Joe Garry = 61 points

2. Stuart Revell and Ian Cornwell =60 points

The Non Golfing Ladies Putting on Sunday 12th. October

This competition started in 1958 originally for pairs who wished to enter, generally is was husband and wife, but as the years went by the number of ladies who attended and did not play golf wanted there own competition,

It was decided that only non golfing ladies where allowed to take part and a cup was donated by Lady Lister

The standard of putting has improved over the years, the non golfing lady who generally took this Cup home to place it in the semi-permanent position was Mrs.Sally Osborn.

Sally decided to retire to let someone else win it, with her experience she and Ilene (Edwards) continued to organise this event, thank you both very much.

Winning this very competitive event was our `cat` correspondent from Cheltenham, namely Mrs Veronica Sheridan with 44 putts winning on the back 9 from Chipping Sodburys Christina Stowell also with 44 puts.

Third place was the 2013 winner from Gloucestershire Maggie Drinkwater,

1 Veronica Sheridan 44 puts

2 Christina Stowell 44 puts losing on back 9

3 Maggie Drinkwater 46puts.

That’s all the reports from Cornwall on behalf of the Gloucestershire Golf Captains thank you all who attended Carlyon Bay, Hope you enjoyed yourselves.

As it has been quoted it’s not all about winning it’s about taking part. I’m sorry but who ever wrote that should be put down `of course it’s about winning its `GOLF`

Enjoy the Images Below........

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