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G.G.C. v Gloucestersire Lady Captains at Knowle GC on Tuesday 30th August 2022.

We all met at Knowle GC, the home club of the Gloucestershire Lady Captain Mel Squires. The ladies had requested if we could increase the numbers to 24 per side and our Captains stepped up to the plate in their hoards!

A slightly cloudy day greeted us but as usual, the welcome we received was first class and after a light lunch, the teams were announced by the team Captains. Thankfully, the handicaps had been worked out by the women, which did not include the tee equalisation of 2 shots.

Knowle Golf Club allowed us to use both the 1st and 10th tees, which meant we could finish closer together.

One of the highlights of the day was a golden ferret (holing a bunker shot) at the 10th hole by Joe Betty the reason this was so special was Joe plays his golf a Lydney GC where they don’t have any bunkers at all!

Match 1 consisted of Captain Mel Squires and her partner the Sodbury stalwart Jackie Berry versus Ian Watkins and me . Giving 5 and 13 shots, I stupidly told them of the tee equalisation shots, which meant we gave 7 and 15, what a mistake that was! Jackie played like God doing a Barns Wallace over the ditches finishing close to the pins. This resulted in a 3 & 1 loss for us.

Match 2 saw the Bricky heavyweights Neil Casling and Keith Ashenhurst inflict a 5 & 4 trouncing to Jane Barrett and Jan McCartney but the girls said it was an enjoyable game.

Match 3 Sue Wilson and Barbara Lewis took on Cotswold Edge pair of John Barrett and Theo White who said they were unlucky to lose 4 & 2.

Match 4 Gill Smith and Jill Wargen, the lowest handicapper in this group, and having to give shots to Eric Millard and Barry Preece was too much to cope with resulting in a 4 & 3 win for us.

Match 5 Adrian Stalley and Chris Dooley took on the strong pairing of Sefton Hooten and home player Lynn Lavender and fortunately brought home a 2 up win.

Match 6 President Rex Parry and Past President Ian Smith brought home the same result of a 2 up win over Sue V and Deb Hill.

Match 7 1st  off the 10th tee saw Vice Captain Geoff Lowe and Pete Bryer struggled giving 15 and 17 shots to Michele Craker and Val Bland respectively lost 1 down.

Match 8 Joe Betty and Bill Hole lost 1 down to Deborah Davis and Gail Howells despite Joe’s golden ferret.

Match 9 Gloucester pairing of Don Robins and Clive Whitson did not do the gentlemanly thing by dishing out a 5 & 3  thrashing to Lynn Relph and Ros Fenney.

Match 10 A halved game was a fair result said Minch pair of Chris Page and Dave Sturman with Carole Lloyd and Helen Treasure.

Match 11 Vice-President Mike Slatter and Alan Veitch inflicted a win over Bobby Woodley and Debbie Casling not sure of the score but a win is a win!

Match 12 Rodway Hill pairing of Dave Matthews and Steve Yemm as usual brought up the rear and a 3&1 victory over Ladies Vice Captain Jan Hollingsworth and Jenny Bryer.

Overall result was a 7½ to 4½ victory for GGC!

The game was followed by a super carvery and delicious cheesecake supplied by Paul and his team. Plenty of banter was forthcoming during the meal, which can only mean the whole day was a success.

Our thanks must go to Ryan Coles General Manager of Knowle Golf Club for allowing us the use of the superbly presented course.

Captain Dereck

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