As a member of the Gloucestershire Golf Captains Association you agree to abide by the following rules.


The name of the association shall be THE GLOUCESTERSHIRE GOLF CAPTAINS.


Only past and present Captains of Golf Clubs within the County of Gloucestershire,

this includes Past and Present Captains of the Gloucestershire Golf Union structure as at January 1 1990, shall be entitled to membership of the Gloucestershire Golf Captains Association on submission of their relative application details to the Secretary together with the appropriate subscription in force at the time.  

All other membership applications shall be subject to approval by the Management Committee.

The Association shall have the power to elect Honorary Members and such elections shall be at the discretion of the Management committee



The affairs of the Gloucestershire Golf Captains shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of the President (who shall hold office for one year and shall be the senior vice president), the immediate Past President, four Vice-Presidents, the Captain and Vice Captain (both elected annually), two immediate Past Captains, the Honorary Secretary/Treasurer, the Match Secretary and the Clothing Secretary.

i) At any Committee Meeting four shall form a quorum.

ii) A General Meeting shall be held annually

iii) The Committee may at any time convene a Special General Meeting.



Any Member shall have the power to arrange a match between the Gloucestershire Golf Captains and any recognised Golf Club or Society after obtaining the permission of the Committee through the Hon Sec. the results of any matches so arranged, with details of the individual Matches will be sent to the Hon Secretary.



Meetings will be held annually, at which competitions for the Gloucestershire Golf Captains prizes and Trophies shall be played for.



The Management Committee does not allot handicaps, but reserves the right to make any adjustments it considers expedient.

Alterations of Rules

No proposition, involving any radical alteration to the rules or Constitution of the Gloucestershire Golf Captains, shall be adopted unless it obtains the support of two-thirds of the members present at a General Meeting.

No proposition shall be entertained at a General meeting unless the terms thereof have been submitted in writing to the Hon Sec at least 21 days prior to the General Meeting, and the Hon. Sec has given 14 days notice to all Members.