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Captain's Corner


Fellow GGC Captains


It is a great privilege and honour to become your Captain for the forthcoming golfing season. I will do my upmost to represent you all to the best of my ability.

I was elected Captain of the Kendleshire Golf Club in 2006 and joined the GGC Association in the same year. I moved to Henbury Golf Club in 2013 where I continue enjoying my golf.

It was a real pleasure to work with our outgoing Captain Dereck, who did a superb job in representing the GGC throughout his time in the role.

I must mention our Honorary Secretary Jim Ford who is always there to give us guidance and help with any matters regarding the GGC. Many thanks to Jim for his continued support.


I also look forward to working with our 2023 Vice-Captain Eric Millard over the coming year. I know he will be a great support to me.


The Match Managers, John Cumming & Clive Fluck, are doing a sterling job in selecting the teams for the inter-county matches. They continue to give everyone who has signed up for a match as much opportunity to play as is possible, providing notification of selection of the match date well in advance.


It’s important to keep your availability updated in case of having to cancel, to ensure that everyone who wants to play is considered for a game.

To all new Captains and those who may like to renew the experience of the “Ladies Weekend at Carlyon Bay” in early October, please join us this year. We stay at a lovely 4-star hotel where they provide an excellent service. We play competitive golf for all and have some fun, coupled with entertainment for the non-golfing partners.

I sincerely hope to see you all at some point during the season and I’m especially looking forward to welcoming you to my “Captain’s Day” at Henbury Golf Club on Tuesday 4th July 2023.

Enjoy your golf, take care, and keep swinging!!

Geoff Lowe

Captain 2023

NEWSLETTER 04 Apr 2023
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